Heartbreak in Calgary

Well, it looks like my very first blog post is going to be a disappointing one. For those that know me well, you already know that my life revolves around hockey, specifically the Calgary Flames and Pittsburgh Penguins. Every year moreso than the last.

Last night, in game 75 of the 2010-2011 regular season, the San Jose Sharks played host to my beloved Calgary Flames. With 7 games to be played, it was crucial that the Flames win as many games (if not all) in order to secure a spot in the playoffs. Calgary entered the game with 85 points and San Jose with 92.

The start of the game looked very promising as the Sharks and Flames exchanged chances, but the San Jose Sharks drew first blood to make it 1-0 in the first five minutes of the game. As the alert came through on my iPhone, I could only sigh in disbelief and hope that this game was not going to turn out like the last two games in California. After a couple goal exchanges and lots of back and forth hockey, the first period ended with the Sharks up 4-2. Flames were outshot 16-8.

In period 2, the Flames scored first to draw within one goal of the Sharks but at 15:50, Torrey Mitchell scored to regain a two-goal lead for the Sharks. It was at this point where I started to feel my heart break a little bit more. The second period ended with San Jose still in the lead by a score of 5-3.

As the third period started, I was optimistic that the Flames would step up the pace but instead I was disappointed as the Sharks went up 6-3 halfway throught the 3rd period as the Calgary defence collapsed on itself. The Flames simply could not solve Antti Niemi and ended up losing the game. Final Score 6-3 Sharks.

As a Flames fan, I can definitely say that this season was one of the hardest to grasp. The first part of the season was utterly terrible which led to the demise of Darryl Sutter in December. After he was let go, the Flames went on a spectacular run to go from second last in the conference to competing for a playoff position. This surprising run has made this season much more exciting but these past few games are breaking my heart because the effort put forth by the Flames over the last three months is deserving of a position within the playoffs. There are still 6 more games to go and anything can happen…but at this point, it is hard to imagine that enough teams will fail enough to allow Flames to make the playoffs.

If this indeed spells the end to the 2010-2011 season for the Calgary Flames, I’d like to thank them for the pleasure of being able to watch them do well and wish them all the best next season.

Live or Die, I will always remain a faithful Flames Fan.



  1. In good times or bad times, winning or losing we will always support the Flames. Well right now i’m just looking forward to watch them play and win the battle of Alberta on Saturday.

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